About Outereef Surfboard Range


At Outereef we specialise in producing high quality performance surfboards. We can shape any size surfboard to the exact dimensions you require. Our craftsmanship is world class and we only use the best materials available. We put as much as possible into our boards to guarantee your satisfaction. We will never forget that this is the backbone of our company and this is why the whole surfing industry exists.

We produce a wide range of surfboards, catering for elite surfers pushing the extreme limits to beginners who are just starting out. Our aim is to assess the surfers ability and requirements in order to supply them with the most suited board available, making sure they are as comfortable as they can be in the water, allowing them to surf the best waves of their lives.

Our shaper Scott Peberdy is an absolute perfectionist, with almost 20 years shaping experience. He is always working on new designs and innovations making sure Outereef’s surfboards are five star. He is always available to discuss our options with you in store. When ordering a new custom board be sure to give him as much information as possible, he will take into account, your ability, size, requirements and types of waves that you are surfing so that you end up with a great board you feel comfortable on therefore helping your surfing ability accelerate.